July 15

A Pause for the Golf Outing

Golf-ball-on-edge-of-hole-jpgThis week, Lansing Christian sent a letter to recent golfers and sponsors of its golf outing typically held the second Monday in August.

For a number of reasons, we have decided to take a pause in our golf outing this year.

Some of those reasons are:

  1. We are doing much more work to screen/test, interview, and ensure new families are a good fit for Lansing Christian, and that there will be a good partnership between us. This summer alone, we have been processing applications for over 50 new students whose parents want to join the Lansing Christian School family in the fall.
    • We used to assume that a student was a good fit for our classes. Now each student is tested or screened to ensure that there is a good academic fit for the classroom.
    • We used to interview only families who did not attend one of our historically supporting churches. The Education Committee now interviews all new families.
    • We used to ask for a pastor recommendation form for only families who did not attend one of our historically supporting churches. We now require a pastor recommendation for all families.
  2. In years past, our enrollment has been set by early July giving plenty of time for preparing for the golf outing. In recent years, new family applications and the work involved has continued through July into August making it a very busy time and leaving little extra time for preparing for the golf outing. So it comes down to priorities–Do we ensure that new families are well-served  at the start of a long-term partnership, or do we shift our attention away from them for a couple of hours of golf?
  3. With changing personnel over time, much of the work for the golf outing has fallen to the office staff—the same people working with our new family applications.
  4. We have seen an increase in our expenses, especially food costs, making the golf outing a less stewardly way for people to support Christian education. While we had a great profits last year from the golf outing, we also had expenses that ate away at those profits. Especially those who have faithfully participated in the outing, more of their money should really be going towards Lansing Christian School rather than towards food, greens fees, cart fees, prizes, etc.
  5. I don’t think we mentioned this in our letter, but it has been a very busy summer for implementing projects on our Capital Campaign and other improvements. Lansing Christian is certainly “on the move” here this summer!
    • The tuckpointing on the three-story structure has been completed. This was a Capital Campaign project.
    • The new parking lot is completed except for some sealcoating and striping. This was also a Capital Campaign project.
    • Four bathrooms are being remodeled with new tile, fixtures, and partitions. Thanks to the work of the Parents’ Club to fund this project.
    • New social studies curriculum has arrived. Thanks to a donor for helping to fund this purchase.
    • New Spanish immersion curriculum has arrived for Kindergarten and 1st grades. This new curriculum parallels the curriculum in our English track.
    • A new roof on the three-story structure will be installed in late July. This project is being completed through our Building Fund which accumulates through enrollment fees.

We are aiming to reboot the Golf Outing again next year.

We are looking for people who love Lansing Christian School and would love to help organize this event for us. Maybe it will be in August, or maybe during another month. Maybe it will be at Briar Ridge, but maybe we explore other venues. If you would be interested in providing leadership for future golf outings, please contact the school office.

We are also asking golfers and sponsors to help  us “stand in the gap” as we take this pause. Yes, we have a $14,000 gap in our budget for 2015-16. But we believe this is the sustainable direction we have to take to better serve our families.

If you want to help us stand in the gap, visit our Donation Page via PayPal or send your contribution to the school. Keep in mind that PayPal keeps a portion of your donation.

For businesses that help us “stand in the gap,” we are offering sponsorship of our weekly Rapid Read that seen by all our families and members of the Association. $250 gets a sponsor two weeks of sponsorship. A $500 donation gets a 5 weeks of sponsorship. A gift of $1000 or more will receive 12 weeks of sponsorship. And an outstanding gift of $5,000 or more will receive a full year of sponsorship and sponsorship of our Trumpet that goes out three times per year.

Some may try to interpret these developments as evidence of some sort of decline at Lansing Christian School. Nothing could be further from the truth. We continue to develop strong, innovative programs and attract new families from around the area. We continue to invest in our building while we remain debt-free in doing so.

We look forward to next year and a fresh start to the golf outing!