Enhance the Gates; Cultivate the Castle

Enhance the Gates

Enhance the Gates

In talking with the Board and staff over the last month or so, I have been focusing on two themes, Enhance the Gates; Cultivate the Castle. There are many exciting opportunities for Lansing Christian School in the months and years ahead!

Enhance the Gates refers to how can draw new families into Lansing Christian School:

  • better represent and communicate the school to the community
  • make our entry points attractive and clear to prospective families
  • ensure that we clearly communicate what Lansing Christian School is all about
  • rework our website, publications, and brochures targeting specific audiences
  • connect with our Supporting Churches on a regular basis
Cultivate the Castle

Cultivate the Castle

Cultivate the Castle refers to how we:

  • continually the academic, spiritual, and physical needs of all students
  • focus on best teaching practices and effective, modern curriculum
  • develop new programs and offerings to serve those that are a part of the school family
  • creative and best use of the building God has blessed us with
  • improve technology use for learning, exploring, and creating

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