June 06


Oh the places I’ve lived….

I love opportunities to be creative. Tim from the 5th grade gave me just the inspiration I needed.

He asked about the places I have lived. So I created a Google Earth file to give you a tour of my life.

First, if you don’t have Google Earth on your computer, you will have to download and install it.

Next, download the file I created. Let me know if you have any trouble with it. I uploaded it to Google Drive and shared it with anyone that has the link.

Open the file by double clicking on it or by going into Google Earth and clicking File–>Open.

On the left side of the Google Earth screen, you should see the file “Oh the Places that I’ve Lived.” You may have to click a little, tiny arrow to the left of that name.

Double click the first place (Orange City). When you are done reading, double click the second place (Farm Days).