Monthly Archives: June 2013

June 11

1st grade answers–Day 1

And now for the 1st grade’s turn….! It has been fun answering all these questions. I’ll have to double check, but I think next time I get to loop around and answer some more 4th grade questions. Isaac–Are you a Christian? Isaac, What a great question to ask! While at first we might think it […]

June 06

Oh the places I’ve lived….

I love opportunities to be creative. Tim from the 5th grade gave me just the inspiration I needed. He asked about the places I have lived. So I created a Google Earth file to give you a tour of my life. First, if you don’t have Google Earth on your computer, you will have to […]

June 05

5th grade answers–Part 1

On to the questions for the 5th grade. It looks like the 5th grade is just as inquisitive as the 6th grade was yesterday. That is great! Keep those questions coming. Nathan – Are you Dutch? How tall are you? What kind of vehicle do you drive? Nathan, You have such fun questions. I will […]

June 03

6th grade answers–Day 1

On to the 6th grade’s questions! Just a quick observation about the 6th grade: While most students asked one or two questions, these 6th grade students are asking three to four questions! That is great….the more the better! I will take questions from four students today and come back to the rest another day sometime […]