4th Grade Answers–Day 1

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Let the questions begin! I have enjoyed reading all the questions I have been getting from students at LCS. I look forward to meeting you all soon. Some of the questions I will be able to answer; some will have to wait so I can get more information.

Let’s start with the 4th grade since that is the first email I received….. I will answer some of their questions in this post. The rest I will try to answer soon!

Stephanie – What was your old job?


I have had many jobs. Right now I am principal of Terra Ceia Christian School in North Carolina. Before that I taught math, all the way down to 5th grade one year. Mostly I taught 6th math, 7th Pre-Algebra, and 8th grade Algebra. For a few lessons we even had some math songs! After a few years, I started teaching more about computers–both to students and teachers. Do you enjoy math? How about computers?


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Tyler and Austin – What made you want to be a principal?

Tyler and Austin,

As much as I enjoyed teaching, I enjoyed serving teachers and students even more. I enjoyed helping teachers find new ways to teach. I enjoyed looking at different ways students learn. Most of all, I enjoyed serving others, and God gave me opportunities to do that as a principal. When I graduated from college, my dad said something like, “In five years, you will be a principal.” Well, it took more like 12 years! What do you think God will have you do when you grow up?

Levi – How many students were in your other school?


Terra Ceia Christian is about 140 students right now. Terra Ceia Christian has students in grades K-12. On Friday, we will have a graduation for Kindergarten, 8th grade, and high school seniors all on one night! Lafayette Christian, where I was before North Carolina, had about 230 students.  What do you think is a good size for a school?

Mekhi, Zachary, Megan, Olivia, Kacie, Sydnee, Julia, and Darryl – Why did you decide to come to LCS?

Mekhi, Zachary, Megan, Olivia, Kacie, Sydnee, Julia, and Darryl,

There are a lot of thoughts that go into answering that question. First, I enjoyed visiting your school and your teachers. It looks like a great place to go to school. Second, I really found myself asking God where he wanted me to be. I love Jesus and serving Him in Christian schools. After a lot of prayer, I felt him leading me to Lansing. Third, we have family in the area. My wife’s mom and aunt went to Lansing Christian and other family members are still pray for and are a part of Lansing Christian. My wife’s mom even taught at Lansing Christian. Finally, I enjoyed the area during the times I have visited. There is so much to see, do, and learn!

What do you enjoy about Lansing Christian School?

Tyler – Where will you live?house


Lora and I are going to live in Munster. We are in the process of buying a house there. You can see a picture to the right. What town do you live in? How do you like living there?

Maddy – Do you like reading?


I really enjoy reading. Many of the books I read are about school. I want to read more fun stories, though. What book are you reading now? Do you have any good ideas of books I can read?

More questions and answers to come!