2nd grade answers–Day 1

Let’s switch it up today and take some answers from some of our 2nd grade students! Those that I don’t answer today, I will answer in the future. Check back often!

Mike Modano as a North Star

Payton- What is your favorite hockey team?


I can’t say as I have followed hockey lately. A long time ago when I was growing up in Minnesota, I followed the Minnesota North Stars. I think Mike Modano was one of their star players. But then the team moved to Dallas and called themselves the Dallas Stars. It was a sad day for hockey fans in Minnesota. After that, I never followed hockey that closely. What is your favorite hockey team? Are you a Blackhawks fan or do you root for someone else?

Matthew- How many people are in your family?


It is just my wife, Lora, and I. We have been married since June of 2007 so we are coming up on our 6th wedding anniversary. I have four siblings. Three of them live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area. One of my brothers is in sales the other two are studying to be lawyers. My only sister lives in Greeley, Colorado. She is an art teacher, like my mom. My parents live in Sheldon, Iowa. Is your family bigger or smaller than my family?

Samuel- Will you make us wear school uniforms?


The way Lansing Christian runs is that a group of parents makes the decisions about what students should to wear to school. So I don’t decide if you should wear uniforms or not. I would prefer that students make good choices on what to wear to school. I think making good choices that brings honor to God and yourself is very important to learn. Some schools have moved to uniforms when it becomes too hard to make good choices and clothes become more important than learning. If we keep learning as the most important activity at school and our choices bring honor and glory to God, then I don’t think we will need uniforms. What do you think of uniforms? Do you like them?

Travis- Are you mean?


I had to laugh at your question. First of all, you should know that I like to laugh. The first sixth grade class that I taught said that I laughed like a lion. And if I am laughing, I can’t be too mean. But if someone breaks the rules, I usually have to stop laughing. So just keep me laughing, Travis!

Chicken Makhani

Kaylee–What is your favorite food?


My favorite food…..wow, there are so many choices. In North Carolina, I have had more seafood than I ever had before in my life. I like fish, shrimp, and even oysters. I always like to eat steak. My favorite restaurant is usually an Indian restaurant. But my wife and I only go there for special occasions. We have a dish called Chicken Makhani or Butter Chicken. It is usually served over rice. What is your favorite food? Is it the same as any of mine?

Mackenzie- Will you have any kids going to this school?


I don’t have any kids yet, so I will not have any kids going to Lansing Christian.

Winter wheat on May 8

Karina- What is your favorite season?


My favorite season would have to be fall. I enjoy the cooler weather and the start of school. I enjoy football season starting and nice weather for going camping in a tent. In North Carolina, I enjoy the springtime because I get to watch the fields of winter wheat spring to life. The winter wheat is planted in the fall, stops growing during the winter, and starts growing again in the spring. What is your favorite season?

Tomorrow, I am going to answer some of the questions from the 6th grade!