Monthly Archives: May 2013

May 30

2nd grade answers–Day 1

Let’s switch it up today and take some answers from some of our 2nd grade students! Those that I don’t answer today, I will answer in the future. Check back often! Payton- What is your favorite hockey team? Payton, I can’t say as I have followed hockey lately. A long time ago when I was […]

May 30

4th Grade Answers–Day 1

Let the questions begin! I have enjoyed reading all the questions I have been getting from students at LCS. I look forward to meeting you all soon. Some of the questions I will be able to answer; some will have to wait so I can get more information. Let’s start with the 4th grade since […]

May 28

Greetings Lansing Christian!

Right now our house is full of packed and half-packed boxes. There is organization, but we always have to warn our visitors. I can’t express how excited my wife, Lora, and I are for the middle of June to arrive. It seems like forever ago that we were walking the halls of Lansing Christian School […]