July 15

A Pause for the Golf Outing

This week, Lansing Christian sent a letter to recent golfers and sponsors of its golf outing typically held the second Monday in August. For a number of reasons, we have decided to take a pause in our golf outing this year. Some of those reasons are: We are doing much more work to screen/test, interview, and […]

September 23

Enhance the Gates; Cultivate the Castle

In talking with the Board and staff over the last month or so, I have been focusing on two themes, Enhance the Gates; Cultivate the Castle. There are many exciting opportunities for Lansing Christian School in the months and years ahead! Enhance the Gates refers to how can draw new families into Lansing Christian School: better represent […]

June 11

1st grade answers–Day 1

And now for the 1st grade’s turn….! It has been fun answering all these questions. I’ll have to double check, but I think next time I get to loop around and answer some more 4th grade questions. Isaac–Are you a Christian? Isaac, What a great question to ask! While at first we might think it […]

June 06

Oh the places I’ve lived….

I love opportunities to be creative. Tim from the 5th grade gave me just the inspiration I needed. He asked about the places I have lived. So I created a Google Earth file to give you a tour of my life. First, if you don’t have Google Earth on your computer, you will have to […]

June 05

5th grade answers–Part 1

On to the questions for the 5th grade. It looks like the 5th grade is just as inquisitive as the 6th grade was yesterday. That is great! Keep those questions coming. Nathan – Are you Dutch? How tall are you? What kind of vehicle do you drive? Nathan, You have such fun questions. I will […]

June 03

6th grade answers–Day 1

On to the 6th grade’s questions! Just a quick observation about the 6th grade: While most students asked one or two questions, these 6th grade students are asking three to four questions! That is great….the more the better! I will take questions from four students today and come back to the rest another day sometime […]

May 30

2nd grade answers–Day 1

Let’s switch it up today and take some answers from some of our 2nd grade students! Those that I don’t answer today, I will answer in the future. Check back often! Payton- What is your favorite hockey team? Payton, I can’t say as I have followed hockey lately. A long time ago when I was […]

May 30

4th Grade Answers–Day 1

Let the questions begin! I have enjoyed reading all the questions I have been getting from students at LCS. I look forward to meeting you all soon. Some of the questions I will be able to answer; some will have to wait so I can get more information. Let’s start with the 4th grade since […]

May 28

Greetings Lansing Christian!

Right now our house is full of packed and half-packed boxes. There is organization, but we always have to warn our visitors. I can’t express how excited my wife, Lora, and I are for the middle of June to arrive. It seems like forever ago that we were walking the halls of Lansing Christian School […]